If you’ve ever used a sewing machine, you can do this.

Now I’m sure it takes a special type of millennial to want to sew something, but I can’t NOT share this.   I made these pillows as a housewarming gift for a very special person, and it was surprisingly very easy.  I am no sewing expert, but with the power of YouTube instructional videos, I’m pretty sure I can do anything.

I purchased the following to create these pillows:

·      I just used some old pillows that I actually never really liked so those were $Free.99. (thanks past Tess).

·      I actually purchased a tapestry for the front part from etsy for $9.00 because I knew I wanted something specific. 

·      The fabric for the back and the piping was $8.50 purchased from Joann’s fabric (http://www.joann.com)

·      The cording was $3.60 from Joann’s


Grand Total:  $21.10


Let me tell you, these pillows made a huge splash and people were really impressed with my skillz, but I’m telling you, if you just watch this YouTube video, you’re golden: