Pear & Goat Cheese Kale Salad with Salmon

Whenever my dearly departed grandpa used to make a “famous” meal, he would always says “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD PAY FOR THAT IN A RESTAURANT?!” That is always how I feel when I make my own lunch, which is something I feel very strongly about.  Apparently I come by this love of saving money honestly…

This delicious (and nutritious) salad will only cost you roughly $5 to make versus possibly $10-$20 at a restaurant.  A recent study by visa says that the average person spends $11 when they go out to eat for lunch during the work week.


  $0.40: Kale (really good for you and conveniently really cheap)

+$0.60: 1 Pear

+$1.40: Goat Cheese (you could easily substitute this for a cheaper cheese)

+$1.60: Salmon (Excuse the fact that its square).  I buy it frozen because its cheaper, lasts longer, and the experts say that its just as good for you as fresh fish.  I also just learned that wild caught fish legally has to be frozen before selling it to...shall we say…make sure its clean.  I just cook it for the week on Sunday night for easy lunch prep during the week.

+$0.70: Walnuts  I buy them in bulk at Target and the bag seems to last forever

=$4.70!  That leaves you an extra $0.30 to throw on a little balsamic vinegar and/or olive oil.  Seriously think about how much money you would save if you did this every day as opposed to going out to eat. 

The way I look at it is, would you rather go to Chipotle every day for lunch or go on vacation?