Ball (but on a budget, please...)

 Please excuse my language, but this really just sums it all up.

Please excuse my language, but this really just sums it all up.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of balling on a budget.  Having an achievable but reasonable budget is crucial to financial freedom.

I love, love, love the 50/20/30 rule of budgeting, which is as follows:


50%:  Essential Stuff

This means anything that does not change month-to-month including but not limited to:

o   Rent (or mortgage if you are more of a grownup than me)

o   Utility Bill

o   Car Payment

o   Cable Bill (Stop paying for cable.  There’s this thing called the internet now)

o   Health Insurance

                         o   Gym Membership


A lot of people say that your household expense (i.e: rent/mortgage and utility bills) should be 30-35% of your paycheck.  This tidbit will help you figure out what monthly rent you can afford.


20%: Responsible Stuff

This is basically future self stuff; "Financial Goals," if you will.  Contribute 20% of your paycheck to being responsible and doing this like paying off credit card debt, saving for retirement and developing an emergency fund.


30%: Fun Stuff

This is everything else like going out to eat, beer, and clothes for you and/or your cat.


And remember, Rule #1 of financial freedom is being fully aware of your financial situation and not sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich however painful that may be so track your spending!!


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