Your Dad was right. Why, how and when you actually do need to change your oil.

 Girl, bye.  Change your oil to avoid this.  (Photo cred:

Girl, bye.  Change your oil to avoid this.  (Photo cred:

So today I changed my oil at the appropriate mileage and was super impressed with my responsibility.  My dad always told me to change my oil, but I really had no idea why or how or when until my 29th year of life and my 13th year of driving (God that makes me feel old).  I thought you guys would benefit from a general overview:

WHY:  Oil in your car allows the metal parts to rub up against each other without damage.  Without oil, the parts will literally cause so much friction that they will WELD themselves together.  Your car will clearly no longer function, and you will be out BIG bucks. 

Basically you need to keep your oil on fleek (aka change it) so you car will function.

HOW:  Getting your oil changed is like insanely easy these days.  You just go to one of those instant oil change places where you don’t even have to get out of your car.  I have been going to Valvoline Instant Oil Change, and its awesome.

I find that the dudes at the oil change place rattle off different oil options but its pretty easy to just Google which is best for your car, and if you keep going to the same place, they will use the same one every time.

WHEN:  This really depends on your car type.  It was super easy to Google how often I should change my oil.   I have to change the oil in my Subey Sube (aka my 2015 Subaru Crosstrek) every 6,000 miles OR every six months, whichever occurs first.


In conclusion, paying like $50 every 6 months is > being force to buy a new car.  You would have to get oil changes for 250 years to equal the bill of a $25,000 car….