You will throw away 1 out of every 4 things you buy at the grocery store

Wait, what?!  A study done by the National Resources Defense Council (who knew there was such a thing?) says that American throw away about 25% of the food and beverages they purchase.  Personally, that means I threw $815 away in 2015 (and I am only responsible for feeding myself and Squirrelina).  Okay that’s painful…


Here are 3 tricks to help you cut down on grocery store waste:

 Seriously May Design books will change your life

Seriously May Design books will change your life


1.     Get a May Design Meal Planner Book.  Like ASAP. 

This thing will far and above pay for itself and will take you like 10 minutes a week.  You can plan out your meals on one side and make your grocery list on the other.  This allows you to know exactly how many tomatoes you need for the week instead of just buying tomatoes, cucumbers, and arugula because you’re trying to be healthy.


2.     Take a regular inventory of your pantry. 

I generally try to do this about every other week to look through what I already have in my pantry and try to plan meals accordingly.  I promise there are all sorts of meals hiding in your pantry or in the back of your fridge.


3.     Don’t choose recipes that require 1/8 of a teaspoon of fresh parsley. 

Freaking fresh parsley is the worse.  Like all fresh herbs, you never need a ton of it but it comes in big bundles.  Make smarter decisions about which recipes you chose, and I promise you’ll find yourself throwing less away.


I literally threw away $815 last year.  Sorry, its just taking me a minute to recover...