Skin Care on a Budget: Part 1

Lifestyle Changes


I am very fortunate to have Dr Bobbi Brady as one of my bffs from college because 1. She’s awesome and 2. She’s a Dermatology Resident.  With her help, I am working on a three part series about how to keep your skin beautiful without breaking the bank.  The following lifestyle changes will keep your skin looking fierce:


·      Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  Rain, shine, or snow, sunscreen is ALWAYS a must.

·      Stay OUT of the sun.  Leathered skin is not a good look.

·      Get enough sleep.  Getting enough sleep promotes collagen restoration, better blood flow which brings nutrients to your hair and skin and reduces the look of baggy eyes

·      Sleep on your back.  Sleep wrinkles from your sheets become real wrinkles!

·      Sleep on pillows.  This will keep your head elevated, which reduce the look of puffy eyes

·      Avoid squinting at all costs.  Make sure you wear sunglasses and eye glasses to avoid giving yourself wrinkles

·      Do not over wash your face.  Moisture is very important!

·      This may sound obvious, but DON’T SMOKE

·      Always rinse your skin with cold water after washing