Valentines Day Dates on a Budget: Because financial responsibility is hot.

The average person spends $143.21 on Valentine’s Day.  That seems a little ridiculous, am I right?  Here are some ideas that won’t ruin your significant other’s credit score:


1.     Bike, Picnic, Movie: 

Step 1:  Food. Nothing is easier and more delicious than a great charcuterie board.  Pack it up in a picnic box (or some of those grocery bags you probably have stuffed in a drawer in your kitchen)

Step 2: Download a movie to your Ipad or laptop

Step 3: Rent bikes.  I know in Charlotte you can rent a bike from Charlotte B-Cycle for as low as $8 for 24 hours!

Step 4: Find a park

Step 5: Enjoy the fruits of your labor in step 1 & 2

2.     At home spa day: 

Step 1: Pull out all those nice/good-smelling lotions lying around that you never actually use. 

Step 2: Like most everything, you can even learn to give a good back massage on YouTube.  Educate yourself.

Step 3:  Get to work

3.     Beer, pizza, cuddle puddle:

Step 1:  Go to Total Wine and buy a hand full of single beers you’ve wanted to try.

Step 2:  Order a pizza

Step 3:  Create a cuddle puddle out of pillows and blankets (its exactly what it sounds like)

Step 4:  Taste each beer, eat pizza and cuddle in your puddle

4.     Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt:

Step 1:  Buy 3-5 small treats for your sig other

Step 2:  Hide them around your apartment

Step 3:  Write clues on little pieces of paper as to where your sig other can find them

Step 4:  Watch them try and figure you out