Skin Care on a Budget: Part 2

Food, Beverage & Your Skin

There are lots of things that you can both put in your refrigerator and pantry as well as take out that can help keep that youthful, millennial glow


·      Drink LOTS of water.  It clears toxins and improves blood flow


·      Check out your pantry for supplies.  Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to your favorite cleanser to turn it into an exfoliator


·      Now check out your refrigerator. Use bananas and sugar as an exfoliator, oranges or other citrus fruits as toner and use avocado as moisturizer.   


·      Give yourself a weekly steam facial.  This will increase circulation, unplug pores and soothe skin with herbs


·      Eat more fish.  The coQ10 in salmon and tuna decrease free radicals, which essentially make you look old, and the omega 3 fatty acids moisturize your skin.


·      Eat more fruits and veggies.  The antioxidants fight free radical damage and thus fight aging skin.