Skin Care on a Budget: Part 3


Stop wasting money on nonsense skin care products.  Stick with these affordable solutions and you are sure to look like a million bucks (get it?...because you'll save money...?)


1.    Do not purchase pro-activ.  Buy benzoyl peroxide products over the counter!

Benzoyl peroxide is used to treat mild to moderate acne by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel.

It can come in the form of face wash ($14) or cream ($6) versus Proactiv which is about $60.


2.    Clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo

Lets face it-your makeup brushes get gross.  Bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells build up over time causing blackheads and breakouts.  Also, neglecting to wash them can cause them to become scratchy and will irritate sensitive skin.

You can buy baby shampoo for $5.


3.    Take 5000mcg of biotin every day. 

Taking biotin regularly will give you the nutrients to support beautiful hair, healthy nails and vibrant skin.

You can buy biotin supplements for $5.


4.    Take Zinc to treat acne

It turns out that some people are zinc deficient, which can cause acne.  Taking zinc will help balance hormones and carries vitamin A to your skin.  Vegetarians and vegans are at a higher risk for zinc deficiencies.

You can buy zinc supplements for $4.


5.    Some acids are friendly acids:

The word acid in the context of skin care originally freaked me out, but there are a lot of friendly OTC acids out there!

  • Salicylic acid: Treatment of mild to moderate acne

You can buy salicylic acid cream for $6.

  • Glycolic acid: Exfoliation improvement of skin texture

You can buy glycolic acid cream for $18.

  • Lactic acid: Exfoliation for people with sensitive skin or rosacea

You can buy lactic acid cream for $23.

  • Hyaluronic acid: Ultra moisturization.

You can buy hyaluronic acid cream for $14.


6.    Go to the drug store and get a Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep

This super affordable mask will help to dry up acne, shrink pores, rinse away blackheads and leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and smooth.

You can buy this mask for $4


7.    Lastly, the wave of the future:  Microneedling

It sounds terrifying, I know.  However, experts say that it is the wave of the future for skin care.  Microneedling creates tiny punctures in the skins top layer, which stimulates collagen and elastin creation rejuvenating your skin.  Beauty is pain…right?  Just kidding…it doesn’t hurt…badly.

You can buy a dermaroller for $17.