Spring is here! Do some #adulting and take on a weekend project to spruce up your space.

Step 1: Go to Lowe’s and gather your supplies.  You are going to need the following:

     $0.78 - Pot

     $0.78 - Saucer 

     $3.13 each - 3 paint samples.  All you have to do is go pick out the paint colors from the color wall at Lowe's and then ask for samples in each color.

     $3.98 -Plants.  I chose to use succulents because I wanted this to spruce up the interior of my apartment.  However, you could use whatever plants you like.  I did a            similar project with impatiens.

     $3.58 Valspar Project Perfect Clear Fade Resistant Spray Paint

     $3.93 - Painters Tape (optional):

     $0.99Paint Brush

     Free – Dirt (go dig some up from the backyard J)

    TOTAL - $23.43 total with plenty of paint left over for more projects!


Step 2:  Use the painter’s tape to create your designs.  Make sure the tape is pressed all the way down so you don’t have any paint running under the tape.


Step 3:  Paint!

Step 4: Remove painter’s tape and complete design.  You may need to use a smaller paintbrush to touch up any wonky areas.


Step 5: Once your paint dries, use the topcoat spray to seal your design


Step 6: Dig up some dirt and plant your plants!


Step 7: Enjoy the pop of spring and feeling like an accomplished adult while staying on a budget!