As the swansong year of my 20’s commences, I find myself consistently asking myself the question, “What am I going to do with my vida?!”  (For your reference, the definition here of “consistently” is 3-4 per minute)  A result of this standard “end of your 20’s life crisis,” I have decided to follow my passion and transform myself into who I am calling the “Suze Orman for Millennials,” minus the extra white teeth and extra tan skin (God love ya Suz).

From responding to craigslist job postings after graduating college in the super prosperous year of 2009, to working at the front desk of a ski resort to now working in corporate finance at a Fortune 50 company, one thing has remained consistent post-college: I know how to ball on a budget.

Through my newly assumed role as Suze Orman for Millennials (is it cool if I use your name, Suz?  I have your book “Women & Money” sitting on my desk if that gives me any extra credit points), I want to offer up all the tips and tricks I personally use to ball on said budget.  I would also like to explain intimidating concepts such as 401-K and IRA’s in a way that makes sense. 

As my grandpa once told me, the key to financial freedom is not spending more than you have, not throwing away paper clips, and reusing napkins.  If that’s not balling, I don’t know what is…